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The SoGive Team

Sanjay Joshi


“I would love to see a world where conspicuous consumption was replaced with conspicuous donation”

Sanjay has been active in the charity sector for the last 15 years, having been on the board of around half a dozen charities, provided consultancy services for a few weeks at a time for around half a dozen charities across the globe, and has been involved in around half a dozen groups to encourage philanthropy. He has previously worked in a niche strategy consultancy and for a major credit ratings agency, among other financial roles.

Daniel Winterstein


Daniel is the director of software company Winterwell. He has developed successful products and worked as a consultant for companies such as the BBC, Harrods, and as a university researcher. He studied Mathematics at Cambridge University and has a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence (AI) from Edinburgh University. Daniel is also a semi-professional writer and playwright, and writes an occasional science column for The Scotsman newspaper.