If you work with High Net Worth (HNW) individuals, SoGive can help you to support them with their philanthropy, including managing inheritance charity funds.

  • Add management of charitable funds to the services you provide.
  • Easily demonstrate value with impact-based reporting, including a portal and profile-page for clients, to show them the return on their charitable investment.
  • Client benefits from knowing that they have made an informed choice when donating to a charity
  • Reach other generations within your client's family through inheritance planning.
  • Provide valuable ongoing posthumous services for your clients.
  • Simplify collection of charity donations data for tax returns.

Benefit from SoGive's expertise around charitable giving, including legal structures, impact data, and recommendations to make it easy to make good choices.

There are additional benefits to your firm's PR and reputation. SoGive's social media support makes it easy for clients to share their enthusiasm and tell family and friends about their giving. Social media sharing promotes your brand. These positive news posts include a link to your firm.

Notes about Charitable giving and taxes