Running a UK sponsored event? SoGive provides free registration and ticketing, plus helps your participants to achieve their goals.

  • Participants can register, form a team, and create a fund-raising page - all in under a minute, with our easy-to-use mobile-friendly website.
  • Event ticketing transitions seamlessly into the user having a profile and a fund-raising page.
  • Own the page: Set your event branding across all parts of the app.
  • 100% Free! Full premium product with no fees or cut from donations.
  • Unlimited Users
  • Fundraising reporting and analytics
  • Drive engagement and viral marketing with social-media tools for participants
  • Cloud-Based Platform: No IT work required
  • Security
  • UK Gift-Aid complying with HMRC rules

SoGive is loaded with features for Participants and Administrators, and backed by our dedicated support team (here to help on

Our mission is to support charity fund-raising, so we provide the best. Built-in charity sponsorship helps your participants to achieve their goals, building your event's momentum, and improving retention. SoGive is 100% free - for you, for the participants, and for the charities (apart from credit-card fees, there's nothing we can do about those). Other sites take 5% or have hidden fees -- we just suggest donors leave a tip. We provide confidence that the money is going where it should, which builds trust. Clear dashboards let fund-raisers see the impact their efforts can achieve, powered by SoGive's database of charity impact data -- the largest such database.