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Hall of Fame

The SoGive team would like to recognise the following people as patrons


Max Grell and Rafie Faruq, who created the exciting tech behind GivTree; which has now been shared with SoGive as part of the SoGive-GivTree merger.

The Hunter Foundation

Without funding from The Hunter Foundation, the SoGive project would have never gotten off of the ground

Kickstarter Patrons

The following people provided much-valued support to SoGive’s kickstarter campaign

  • Tom and Kelly Prickett
  • Alex Gordon-Brown & Denise Melchin
  • Matt Sharp

Many thanks to our much-valued patrons, who have done so much to support us, and who continue to support us.

Pioneering Supporters

Thank you to these wonderful individuals who made much-appreciated contributions to the SoGive kickstarter campaign. Their charitable giving has helped SoGive get off of the ground.

  • Wendy Duinkerke
  • Martin Hogg
  • Kit Harris
  • Charles Appleby
  • Helen Hogg
  • Chris Smith
  • Jamie Brunning

  • Anthony Bryant
  • Mark Watkins
  • David Madl
  • Jeremy Young
  • Matthew Neave
  • Markus Anderljung
  • James Bell

  • Joel Philips
  • Michael Zarno
  • Adam Samuel
  • Noah Nkonge
  • Steph Crampin
  • Holly Morgan
  • Goodwin Gibbins

  • Rachael Gan
  • Lina Hogg
  • Alan Penman
  • Lorenzo Dutto
  • Julia Dickety
  • Lucy Silovsky
  • Tom Reece
  • Benjamin Jackson