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Complaints Policy

If you have a complaint about SoGive's service, for example your experience of using the platform to make a donation was not up to your expectations, or if you are a charity/donation recipient and your experience of receiving funds from us was not as smooth as it should be, then please email us. to let us know about this, explaining what your experience was, why it did not make you happy, and what you would like us to do differently in the future.

Once we have received your complaint, we will respond within 3 weeks. Within this time we will aim to have resolved your complaint fully; while this won't always be possible, you will at least have heard from us within this time to confirm that we are looking into your complaint.

If you disagree with SoGive's analysis of any charity, we would be keen to hear from you. Simply send your email to and we will aim to respond within the same timeframe.

How are donations protected against fraud and how can donors be sure their contribution is being used for its intended purpose?

Donors should be aware of any risks regarding donating to an unknown bank account and have sufficient information to instil confidence that the donation will be used for its intended purpose. Information provided by the fundraising platform should include:

  • What safeguards the fundraising platform has in place to protect a donor's money against fraud.
  • What steps the fundraising platform will take if fraudulent activity is suspected.
  • What happens to donations in the event that the money is retained or recovered by the fundraising platform due to fraudulent activity.
  • Confirmation that their payment services provider is regulated by the FCA.
  • A warning that where the funds raised do not go directly to a registered charity, donors ultimately give money to a private bank account at their own risk and that beyond a due dilligence check on the account, the platform may be unable to verify the authenticity of the cause in such cases.