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Our Aims

Brining Life Bringing Life

We hope to help people to see what happens when they give to charity, bringing to action their donations. With each kindness we are able to bring an impact to our and other people's lives. With each kindness we give birth to our future.

Be Proactive Be Proactive

We want people to be open and proud about what they have achieved with their charitable giving, and be willing to share it freely with their friends, rather than hiding their philanthropic light under a bushel.

Inspire Optimism Inspire Optimism

We hope that people will give more to charity as a result of all this. Through SoGive we can show that empathy and compassion are not a chimera but a reality. Let’s measure and share this kindness in order for other people to see it, trust it and believe it.

Improve Improve

Also charities can learn and improve from benchmarks. SoGive can bring new helpful insights into how to change the performance of your charity. The tool can underline some new inspiring case studies about how to put impact at the heart of your work.