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About SoGive

SoGive is a tool that lets you see the impact you’ve made in the world through all your charitable giving. SoGive will have in-built formulae and analytics to let you see the change you've made in the world in terms like "I funded the distribution of 30 malaria nets in Africa" not just "I gave £100 to charity". We will aim to cover as many charities as possible. Here is an example.

Monetary Donations to Units of Return

The SoGive platform is a social media enabled platform -- you can link to facebook and twitter and let your friends know about the good you achieve in the world. We believe in being open and proud about your achievements with charitable giving - we don’t want you to hide your light under a bushel! But if you prefer to stay quiet about charity activity, it's your choice.

We won't charge you to use SoGive, but we will ask you to give an (optional) percentage of your donation to SoGive to help us keep going. SoGive is a not-for-profit social enterprise - all equity holders have agreed to give 100% of the profits to charity.

Aggregator of charity impact data