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For Wealth Managers

SoGive works with those who work with High Net Worth individuals to support them with their philanthropy.

Advantages of Using SoGive

Client Outcomes

  • Client benefits from knowing that they have made an informed choice when donating to a charity
  • Not only can the client conveniently make donations, but they can also immediately see how much return they get on their (philanthropic) investment, as well as see an overall view of all their donations.
  • Social media integration enables the client to share their enthusiasm for donations with friends and family

Internal Outcomes

  • Social media sharing by the client promotes your brand
  • SoGive makes the process of gathering information about charitable giving more simplified; therefore making tax processing easier
  • The overall amount of tax paid by a client may be lowered or rebate(s) may be increased through having better information about charitable giving

How Does SoGive Achieve This?

Equip Clients with Information

Search Functionality

SoGive not only allows clients to search for the specific name of a given charity, but also utilizes a unique tagging system which allows for a search word to cover categories, sectors, projects, and more terms relating to a charity.

Impact Data

SoGive's data access allows clients the opportunity to see quantified impact information about their potential donations


SoGive's data and information enables the client to see a detailed breakdown of their charitable donations as well as the impact that their donations have made. SoGive will allow a client to input their own non-SoGive-made contributions into their dashboard in order to have an all-in-one reporting experience.