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SoGive: For Grantors / Foundations

How SoGive Helps

The SoGive team has experience gathering and structuring data relating to impact for hundreds of charities. SoGive can advise on how funders can structure their internal database(s) so that impacts of donations can easily be searched

SoGive’s charity search functionality includes a unique “tagging” system applied to each charity, to make it easier to find a charity a donor cares about. It covers not only the charity’s name, but also the tags and a description of their work.

What SoGive Needs

In the pursuit of charitable giving impacts and related open data: SoGive needs funders to update agreements with their fundees in order to allow a flow of such information

Data items required (in spreadsheet format):

  • Charity metadata: Name, Description, Registration Number, etc.
  • Project metadata: Timings, Description, etc.
  • Impacts: Costs, Outputs, Outcomes

Want To Help? Download our example template in order to get started quickly.