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A Better Donor Experience

SoGive not only informs donors how much money they have given; but also how much of a charity's impact is attributable to a given donation.

Excellent Charity Search

A background tagging system makes it easy to find a given charity based on keywords associated with that charity.

Sharing on Social Media

SoGive approach encourages sharing by allowing a user to express their giving in terms of units-of-return rather than currency.

Our data and information enable us to provide reports about the impact attributable to any donor’s donations We provide a dashboard which the user can access at any time We also integrate with other reporting systems so that you can enhance your existing reporting.

Currently in Development
Redesign underway -- this design is subject to change

User Dashboard

Currently rates of sharing donations on social media are low. SoGive can encourage greater philanthropy by leveraging donors. Our approach encourages sharing by expressing it in impact rather than money  and creating a UX that makes sharing easy .

SoGive Users get their own dashboard, which gives an overview of their charitable giving in terms of units of return. Users are encouraged to then share this information on their social media.